Year of the Ox

This is a moment to remember. This moment is the culmination of years of careful work and precise planning. This is the result of months of renovation our classic wooden molds, refreshing vintage cigar making techniques, and searching high and low in our warehouses for tobacco worthy of this project. This moment is also the beginning of a tradition that will continue for generations to come.

With this project we wanted to make a cigar in the most traditional way possible. We spared no expenses in all aspects of the production; from upgrading our handmade wooden molds, to convincing experienced rollers to come out of retirement. The result is an exceptional cigar that, like the ox, is temperate, noble, and above all, always be trusted. My family has been making cigars since 1936 and this one quickly became one of my favorites.







San Andrés


Corojo Dominicano


Piloto Cubano & Criollo 98