1936 Box Pressed

Please take a moment to reflect on how long ago 1936 really was. Much has changed in our world since Tabacalera Palma opened its factory in 1936, yet it remains a place where in many aspects, time has stood still. The same production process defined at its foundation is followed on a daily basis to achieve superior quality and distinction.

The year 1936 marked the start of our journey, and this cigar is a testament to the passion we feel and the exceptional methods that we have sustained throughout our history. La Galera 1936 Box Pressed is a cigar Jochy Blanco envisioned many years ago. After identifying and securing the desired grades and types of tobacco, he has given them the time they’ve demanded to reveal their full potential.

Now available for the first time, a Tabacalera Palma masterpiece encompassed with a collection of the finest and most brilliantly rich tobaccos from our farms in La Canela.


Medium – Full




Habano Ecuador


Dominican Criollo 98′


Dominican Piloto Cubano & Criollo 98